Sky Lobby

High-rise sky lobbies are set at transfer floors (22nd, 37th, 52nd and 68th floor) in building section 2-6. The design of the double curtain walls divides each lobby into three sky gardens to provide public space for communication and leisure.
●The 22nd-floor sky lobby has introduced fitness, dental care, executive restaurant units.
●The 37th floor is occupied by Shanghai Guanfu Museum and the highest indoor Chinese-style garden, Half Garden, to entertain guests with culture and art in the tower.
●The 52nd and 68th floors have settled a bookstore and Michelin high-end dining service.
The commercial brands brought to the lobbies consolidate the business structure in the building and enlarge the space for interaction and sharing between the lessees.

Duoyun Books

Duoyun Books Flagship Store, the bookstore at the highest altitude in Shanghai, is a comprehensive bookshop. Sitting on the 52nd floor of Shanghai Tower at the height of 239 meters, it covers an area of about 2,200 square meters and integrates multiple functions: study, exhibition hall, meeting place, lecture hall and parlor. The bookstore has a wide selection of books and cultural products, targeting the urban white-collar workers in Lujiazui Financial Zone as well as book lovers across the city and tourists from all over the world.

Consulting Telephone: +86 15721556283

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

Consisting of Ceramic Gallery, East and West Gallery, Gold Ware Gallery, Buddhist Statue Gallery and a temporary exhibition gallery, Shanghai Guanfu Museum invites you to travel along the river of Chinese civilization. Based on the rich cultural deposits, the museum aims at high-end professional exhibition in an elegant atmosphere and highlights the interaction between human and history, thus bringing traditional culture closer to guests. Modern infrastructure at the museum also provides delicate and comfortable service.

support hotline:(8621)61089988