Conference Center

Inside the podium of Shanghai Tower covered with golden coating glass is the largest banquet hall in Pudong New Area. The tower also boasts a ballroom with a garden outside, an exclusive meeting hall and seven meeting rooms. Bearing in mind the privacy needs of high-end guests, exclusive VIP elevators and VIP lounges are available, along with VIP Room and Cafe with a view of the garden. An operation team with management experience from five-star hotels and conference venues has been recruited for the Convention Center in order to provide international standard food and beverage services.

For reservations: (8621) 6882 6228
Conference Center Address: No. 501, Middle Yincheng Road

Grand Ballroom

The second floor of the Conference Center hosts the Grand Ballroom. The newest one in Lujiazui, the grand ballroom has a height of 10.3 meters, the highest in the area, and covers a total space of 2,000 square meters. Without a single column, it provides an ideal venue for all kinds of activities. Guests could walk into the Grand Ballroom on red carpet from the only ring-shaped overpass in Shanghai, on which the guests will definitely feel greatly honored. Cocktail parties could be held at the two foyers on the east and west side prior to the main event. Limousines enter the Grand Ballroom from the ramp. Large-scale, themed activities or press conferences could utilize the power-driven suspension devices on the ceiling.

Garden Ballroom

The Garden Ballroom is on the fifth floor of the Conference Center with a total area of 1150 square meters and a height of 7.5 meters. The Garden Ballroom is equipped with LED screens, built-in projectors, surround-sound audio system and unique curve shape banquet hall with full length curtain. Unveiling of the curtain reveals a garden patio outside.

Shanghai Assembly Hall

This Assembly Hall features a table with golden teak wood, 7.58 meters long and 1.55 meters wide, from Myanmar; a series of 12 paintings by famous Chinese artist; independent VIP seating area and an exclusive sun room. It is suitable for board meetings or special sessions.

Garden VIP Room

On the south end of the patio is the Garden VIP Room with full length glass on three sides, which is ideally suitable for small-scale banquets or press conferences. Set lunch menus and delicate afternoon tea are on offer.

Garden Cafe

On the north end of the patio is the Garden Cafe with full length glass to take advantage of the garden, a relaxing, quiet and private place suitable for business conversations.

Seven Meeting Rooms

A ring of seven meeting rooms are on the fifth floor of the Conference Center. They are equipped with up-to-date video conference equipment for real-time communication. Sub-group meetings could be set up and the ring-shaped corridor outside the rooms are ideal for tea breaks and lunches.

Patio Garden

Outside the Garden Ballroom is the largest outdoor Patio Garden in Lujiazui area. It’s ideal to hold outdoor events, wedding ceremonies with views of the three skyscrapers, namely Shanghai Tower, Jinmao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center.